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Thematic Routes

Tátorján trail

The Yellow T tourist sign starts from the House of Culture and the Tourinform office. This line takes the hikers to Soós Hill the original habitat of Tátorján. There are many signs around the area that make the walk easy with clear information. Printed map can be found at the Tourinform office (the downloadable form is in Publications menu) also a detailed description of the plant you can reach at Natural attractions -> Tatarian Breadplant study path menu.

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Cycling round Balaton

There is an almost 200km long cycle track around Lake Balaton, which goes through our city too. Please watch the signs to make your trip easier. You can also get various maps for this journey that show the whole route with all of its offsets and the important touristic sights.

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Balaton Sunrise

A bicycle tour along the values of east Balaton region: the track connects Balatonkenese with the following towns: Litér, Szentkirályszabadja, Balatonalmádi, Felsőörs, Alsóörs, Küngös, Csajág, Balatonfőkajár, Balatonvilágos. There is a possibility to take this trip only in parts, split it into sections for some days. Not only does the tour give the joy of sport but also it provides the experience of other pleasures from monuments from Árpád age to the most modern edifices,replicas de relojes also from wine cellars to natural beauties. There is information about the tour in front of the House of Culture. In the same building you can find tour guides who give you all the necessary information about the trail.

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