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Useful information

Civil Associations in Tourism

Balaton Keleti Kapuja Turisztikai Egyesület (Balaton’s Eastern Gate Touristic Association)
24. Táncsics Mihály st. 8174 Balatonkenese
Tel/fax: +36 88/594-645

Alsóréti Üdülő Egyesület (Alsórét Holiday Association)
61 Parti sétány 8174 Balatonkenese
Tel: +36 30/937-2406, +36 96/413-095

Balatonakarattyai Fürdőtelep Egyesület (Bathing Sites Association)
60. Rákóczi st. 8172 Balatonakarattya
Postal address: 54. Eper st. 1112 Budapest
Tel: +36 30/384-4656

Balatonkenesei Vállalkozók Testülete (Corporation of Entrepreneurs)
4. Kossuth st. 8174 Balatonkenese
Tel: +36 20/944-1112

Horgászegyesület Balatonkenese (Fishing Club Balatonkenese)
6. Csónakos st. 8174 Balatonkenese
Tel: +36 88/482-758

Polgárőrség Balatonkenese (Militia Balatonkenese)
8. Vörösmarty tér 8174 Balatonkenese
Tel: +36 30/273-0486

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Petrol stations

MOL RT. Petrol Station
Balatonakarattya, Route 71. (on the right side from Budapest)
Telefon: +36 88/584-800

LUKOIL Töltőállomás (Petrol station)
Balatonakarattya, Route 71. (On the right side to Budapest)
Telefon: +36 88/584-571

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Parking is free of charge in the whole area of Balatonkenese and Balatonakarattya. For the appropriate usage of parking space we suggest the following places to keep your car:

  • Béri Balogh Ádám square, around the Mayor’s Office
  • Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street- Fő street corner (by the market square)
  • 24. Táncsics M. street, opposite Kultúra Háza and Tourinform office
  • Large Parking lot by the Pavilonsor (Pavilions), Balatonkenese, Vak Bottyán street
  • Koppány sor, opposite and around Bezerédi beach
  • Koppány sor opposite Lido beach (this is the only beach that you can enter by car, but the parking inside the area is not free of charge)
  • Koppány sor, around Bercsényi beach
  • Bercsényi lejáró, large parking lot by the shops and the Stalls (Pavilonsor), Balatonakarattya
  • Állomás square Balatonakarattya, the closest one to the Garden Cinema
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ATM machines

  • Polgármesteri Hivatal (Mayor’s Office) : Balatonkenese, 1. Béri Balogh Ádám square
  • Honvéd Üdülő: Balatonakarattya, 1. Tompa Mihály st.
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Tourism Tax

There is a compulsory tax for our visitors (between 18-70) after each night spent in our town. The town is divided into two zones according to the area where the estate is located. These two zones cost the followings:

House by the lake: 360HUF/person/night

House at any other point of the city: 340HUF/person/night

The city of Balatonkenese provides a one-time beach entry for those tax payers who have their accommodation out of the lake area.rolex falsi Please ask for these tickets from your hosts or in the Tourinfo office where you can also find further information about recent discounts.

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