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Balatonkenese lies in the north-eastern corner of Lake Balaton, roughly 100 km from Budapest, in the Kenesei Heights. The view from the heights, and from a large part of the lakeside itself, extends to the entire eastern basin of Lake Balaton and to the Tihany peninsula, offering a spectacular sight in all seasons, weather permitting. The town can be reached on main road 71 from Balatonfüred or from Lepsény. From Budapest, take motorway M7 to the Balatonvilágos junction, and join main road 71 from there. Likewise, from Balatonfűzfő, Balatonkenese can be approached along main road 71.

The town stands on railway line MÁV 29, which goes from Székesfehérvár through Balatonfüred and on to Tapolca. Trains stop at the main station in Balatonkenese, and at two other minor stops (Balatonakarattya and Balatonkenese-Üdülőtelep). During the summer season, trains are more frequent and offer modern comfort and air-conditioning. Regular buses to and from the county town depart and arrive almost every hour, and there is also a frequent bus service to the neighbouring towns along the coast of Lake Balaton. There is a designated cycle route which passes through the town, and cycling in the town itself is possible along the numerous quiet streets. Regular boat journeys link Balatonkenese directly with Balatonaliga, Balatonalmádi and Tihany, among other places.


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