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Yearly recurring major programs

Tátorján Festival

Our town (Soós hill) is the biggest habitat of this rare plant. At Pentecost there is a series of events organized around this topic. Signs help hikers’ orientation during their way. There are also professional presentations and colorful programs. We can meet classical music at the concerts in the Calvinistic church.

Balaton Gate Opening Festival

Balatonkenese’s biggest event, that often co-operates with the surrounding communities. Visitors can meet classical, folk and pop music concerts, dance shows, movie nights as well as exhibitions and playhouse activities for ten days. Miss Kenese is a show that cannot be left out in any years.

Xavér Varnus organ concert

One of Kenese’s famous traditions is an evening with the world-famous organist Xavér Varnus in the Calvinistic church. Young and old, local and visitor listen to his music reverently. Guest artists’ play is even an extra experience to the magical night.

Akarattya Days

A complex experience to families and friend groups on the green lawn of Rákóczi park. The hilarity is primarily provided for these groups. We can find all activities that a park can offer to families: sports, cooking, BBQ, offering cookies, music concerts, train ride and children programs all the way long. An exhibition is related to this event every year, and the General Assembly takes place at the same time.

National Stew Festival

This is one of the most popular and well-known event of the city. We can participate in it just as a visitor who likes tasting good food or we can also be a member of the many people who compete for the ‘best stew’ prize. There are cooking teams even from abroad so this festival is positively international. The wonderful atmosphere is not only provided by the star performers but also the delicious food that is given to the public after being tasted by the jury. The all-day fair, the crafts show, and the children’s animation end in a huge concert at night.

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