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8172 Balatonakarattya, Vak Bottyán tér 29-31.
Tel: 06 88 655 823Mobil: 36-30 641 4798villa.akarattya@gmail.com


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This holiday home is a "hunter's lodge" in almost three thousand square metres of a forested environment. Its landscaping, its well-maintained gardens and its rich flora guarantee enjoyable open-air relaxation at every time of day. The specially-constructed open fireplace and goulash-cooking area is just a step from the wine cellar, where bottles of wine from the house's own special vineyards rest in anticipation of having their contents released.

Children can play at leisure in the enormous fully-enclosed park, and use the specially built playground. One of the best fun places around is the Bezerédj beach, which is just ten minutes' walk away.

All our rooms offer panoramic views! The view over the Lake is truly fantastic! Every room has two beds and spare beds are also available, and they have a self-contained bathroom with built-in hairdryer and air-conditioning.

Our restaurant, the Két Dudás Csárda, caters for our guests' dining requirements. Naturally, there is a microbus to take our guests to and from the restaurant, so they can sample our fine wines during dinner, without having to worry about driving back.

The hosts also offer a range of active leisure opportunities:

"If you're interested in boating or sailing out of curiosity or because of a "love for the water", then look no further! We have our own boats available, as well as charter contacts!"



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