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Natural attractions

11. Cemeteries

Reformed cemetery: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street
Catholic cemetery: Széchenyi Street

Due to the boundary delimitation process of 1851, the Reformed congregation had to give up its cemetery. At the initiative of then-parson János Móricz, it was offered a new plot at the bottom of Soós-hill in exchange.

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12. Statues, monuments, memorials

The Bronze statue of Lajos Kossuth

The bronze statue of Lajos Kossuth, placed on an unusually high pedestal as if to suggest that he was looking into the future, is the artwork of Béla Gerenday. The amount necessary for its purchase, has been raised exclusively from private donations and inaugurated during a ceremony in 1899, attended also by the late statesman’s son, Ferenc Kossuth. The engraving is the handwork of Kenese’s famous poet, Lajos Soós and the list of names at the bottom of the pedestal represents all the individuals who contributed to the effort of raising the memorial statue of the beloved leader.


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13. Belvederes

Soós Hill Belvedere and the Obelisk of Lajos Soós

Reaching the peak of Tátorján trail a wonderful landscape amazes us. We can see until the resorts of Siófok, the Tihany peninsula, sometimes even farther. But the angle of view can be diversified. If someone is willing to fatigue then another point can be reached around the transmission tower. The sight is worth the effort in every season. 

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