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Parking is free of charge in the whole area of Balatonkenese and Balatonakarattya. For the appropriate usage of parking space we suggest the following places to keep your car:

  • Béri Balogh Ádám square, around the Mayor’s Office
  • Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street- Fő street corner (by the market square)
  • 24. Táncsics M. street, opposite Kultúra Háza and Tourinform office
  • Large Parking lot by the Pavilonsor (Pavilions), Balatonkenese, Vak Bottyán street
  • Koppány sor, opposite and around Bezerédi beach
  • Koppány sor opposite Lido beach (this is the only beach that you can enter by car, but the parking inside the area is not free of charge)
  • Koppány sor, around Bercsényi beach
  • Bercsényi lejáró, large parking lot by the shops and the Stalls (Pavilonsor), Balatonakarattya
  • Állomás square Balatonakarattya, the closest one to the Garden Cinema


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