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Active Leisure

Beaches and water sports

Our towns lay 12km long by the shore of Lake Balaton. In this section, several pay-and free beaches can be found to serve our guests’ convenience. Most beaches have direct parking lots outside and visitors can find friendly catering units inside.

  • Vak Bottyán Beach: Vak Bottyán st. Balatonkenese
  • Bezerédj Beach: Koppány sor (Koppány street) Balatonakarattya
  • Lidó Beach: Koppány sor (Koppány street) Balatonakarattya
  • Bercsényi Beach: Bercsényi lejáró (Bercsényi drive) Balatonakarattya
  • Alsóréti Beach: Parti sétány (Promenade) 61. Balatonkenese



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