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Balatonfűzfő-Litér Tourism Association

We warmly welcome you on behalf of the Balatonfűzfő-Litér Tourist Association!

When our Tourist Association was set up in 2009, we set several objectives, the two main ones being: It should be good to come on holiday here, and it should be good to live here! In cooperation with local hotel and guest house operators, restaurant owners, shopkeepers and other service providers, the association established the Fűzfő Tourism Card, which is intended to make it more convenient for people staying here by giving them free entry to both the beaches in Fűzfő, and offering them many other kinds of discounts. Another of our aims is to increase the income for local residents that comes from tourism, by providing a better standard of service to visitors and persuading them to stay a little longer.

We believe that our villages have something to offer everybody who wants to relax for a time doing something worthwhile, whether they prefer active leisure, family programmes or just a good dinner, and the background to all this is given by a wide range of services and the traditional warm welcome given to visitors to Lake Balaton.

The leaders of the Association can be contacted using the details given below, and we look forward to hearing from you.


The presidium:

President: János Koronczai phone: +36 20/926-7811 e-mail:
Szilvia Szanyi phone: +36 20/924-3179 e-mail:
Dóra Huzsvárné Fejes phone: +36 31/204-8974
Anikó Benczéné Jánka phone: +36 20/318-9870 e-mail:
János Stadinger phone: +36 30/901-3725
Lajos Szabó phone: +36 30/245-6437 e-mail:
Sándor Győrffy phone: +36 30/942-4483 e-mail:
Gábor Lukáts phone: +36 30/424-5808 e-mail:
Manager: Éva Valczer phone.: +36 20/341-5504

Balatonfűzfő-Litér Tourism Association


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