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Active Leisure

Beaches and water sports

Our towns lay 12km long by the shore of Lake Balaton. In this section, several pay-and free beaches can be found to serve our guests’ convenience. Most beaches have direct parking lots outside and visitors can find friendly catering units inside.

  • Vak Bottyán Beach: Vak Bottyán st. Balatonkenese
  • Bezerédj Beach: Koppány sor (Koppány street) Balatonakarattya
  • Lidó Beach: Koppány sor (Koppány street) Balatonakarattya
  • Bercsényi Beach: Bercsényi lejáró (Bercsényi drive) Balatonakarattya
  • Alsóréti Beach: Parti sétány (Promenade) 61. Balatonkenese
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Horse Riding

Soós-hegyi Lovasudvar ( Soós Hill Horse Yard)
Balatonkenese, 47. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky st.
Tel: +36 30/517-1958 vagy +36/ 30/225-3174

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The almost 200km long cycling road crosses our town.

We can provide accommodation or even places for a short break for hikers and sportsmen. Many restaurants and cafes refresh the cyclers, and sport equipments are provided by the following units:

Bicycle repair and rent

Bike System
Balatonkenese, Vörösmarty tér 1. (1. Vörösmarty square)
Telefon: +36 70/277-4818

Various types of cycling maps can be found at the Tourinform office.

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We have many programs specialized for the youngest from the Tájház (Country House) to the House of Culture. They all provide performances, exhibitions that are fun for the children. We also have several playgrounds in our town.

Tátorján Játékvár (Play Castle) is the place that always welcomes families with well trained staff in babysitting, and entertainment. It is waiting for individual or group activities every day of the week.

Tátorján Játékvár
Balatonkenese, Dózsa György tér 1. (1. Dózsa Görgy square)
Tel: + 36 88/482-472

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Sport tracks

Forest track and sport tracks are in the Rákóczi Park in Balatonakarattya. The forest track provides various wooden tools that move all the muscles of the body. English and Hungarian tutorials are available for the safe usage. In the park there is also a track for street ball and other ball games.

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The modern stadium (that got its name after a former Olympic fencer) gives room for sport events, concerts, cultural events, and even gastronomical fairs. József Rády (whose outstanding participation at the Paris and Amsterdam Olympic Games will always be memorable) used to relax in his Balatonkenese holiday house after the big games.

Rády József Sportcsarnok (Rády József Sports Hall)
Balatonkenese, 21. Táncsics Mihály st.
Telefon: +36 30/275-9359

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Fish of Lake Balaton taste great. It’s a kind of food that is light but rich in nutriment. It’s not only for eating, because even the way of catching can be a great fun. It’s a sport activity that needs physical power and mental endeavor. The Fishing Association (Horgászegyesület) provides help in these activities for his registered members. For more information:

Horgászegyesület Balatonkenese
8174 Balatonkenese, 6. Csónakos st.
Telefon: +36 88/482-758, +36 88/482-758

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Nordic walking

This originally Finnish sport has been brought into public by László Galambos and his wife. They train the amateurs and future’s experts with the latest methods in Balatonkenese. The sport combining walking and cross-country has many good effects on the human organism.

Nordic Walking Akadémia (Nordic Walking Academy)
Balatonkenese, 2. Hajnal st.

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