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1. Tatarian Breadplant study path

One emblematic symbol of our city is considered to be the Tatarian Breadplant (Crambe tataria) since it made Balatonkenese widely known among hikers, festival guests ...

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2. Rákóczi’s elm tree and surrounding area

According to legend, the beloved Hungarian leader Ferenc Rákóczi has once stopped to rest in the cool shade of a large elm tree in the area which has subsequently be ...

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3. The Parragh arboretum

The privately held arboretum in the heart of the city is only seasonally open to the public. The agricultural engineer Farkas Parragh who initially founded the clo ...

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4. The chestnut tree park

There site of the miles-long chestnut trees, located in the southern part of the city,replica orologi next to the bicycle trail and parallel to road 71 which runs th ...

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5. The Catholic church of Kenese

The founding stone was laid on May 11th 1815 and the building process was finalized on August 15th 1819. A dedication service was performed on the feast of the Birth ...

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6. The Catholic church of Akarattya

Right in front of Park Rákóczi rises the Catholic church, built from donations after the new parceling subdivision initiatives in the 1920s. The building is home to ...

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